Saturday, 1 December 2012

In The Company Of Poets

You'll have noticed that Christmas is coming up, and if you're anything like me (and why wouldn't you be?) you probably haven't got around to buying any gifts yet.

If I had a new book or pamphlet I wanted to plug, I would be doing so in screaming bold caps RIGHT NOW.  Unfortunately, that's not really the case and the only non-deleted commercially available item I can point you towards is this anthology here, which was published as a celebration of the London poetry scene and also to mark 21 years of the Torriano Meeting House.  As well as two poems by me (one of which goes into a lot of detail about my mis-spent youth in a manner I find embarrassing now) there's work by John Hegley, Paul Birtill, David Floyd, John Heath-Stubbs, the God-like genius Jeremy Reed, Labi Siffre (yes, that Labi Siffre), the under-rated Brian Docherty, and a whole ton of other capital-dwelling poets besides.  At 300 pages long, it's a weighty old tome.

It's still available in most good bookstores, particularly independent ones, but the Internet is your friend here too.  It won't disappoint anyone in your family who enjoys poetry.

(UPDATE - faulty link corrected. Never, ever try to update two different blogs at once, that's my motto from now on)