Sunday, 1 April 2012

Emma Hammond in The Morning Star

Back in November 2011 I went to interview Emma Hammond about her poetry collection "Tunth-sk" in the hope that The Morning Star would be interested in carrying an article about it in their regular poetry section. It wasn't the most obvious or mainstream choice I could have jumped on, but I'd purchased the book a month prior to our conversation and was blown away by the contents - more to the point, it raised so many questions about writing technique and style and frequently held such a unique worldview that I thought getting some more people aware of the work could only be a good thing. The spoken word scene in London may well be "on fire" at the moment, and there's certainly no shortage of talent, but people with unique and eccentric voices are becoming harder to find amidst the rush to promote writers who seem immediately accessible to casual audiences.

One interview later, and one soaking from some particularly vicious Autumn rain on the way home - always carry an umbrella or at the very least a garment with an attachable hood, fellow writers - I was left wondering if the paper would actually carry the article. After some to-ing and fro-ing later, it finally appeared in the 18 January edition.

Go and read it here

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