Thursday, 20 September 2012

Two Extracts From The Modern Museum of Love Poetry

“Don’t you understand?”
she asked.
“I am the bar or
restaurant in your town
advertised as
‘difficult to find
 but impossible to forget’,
ignored by everyone.

I am the distant
farmhouse seen from the
night-time highway,
flashing my warm
lounge lights to you
behind bushes and trees, a
flickering morse code of
desire.  Please try to
learn to read me.”

(The above poem was found in an unopened envelope with the words “Not known at this address” stamped on it).

“Don’t you love me?”
the rival scribbled.
“I am the blinding
spotlight in your face, the
radiance that creates
only black holes around me,
I have the heat of a
million suns but I mainly
use it to warm myself. 

I am the future you’ve
always wanted, the
girl beneath every slogan, the
direction you can’t
help but look in.
I need you to love me,
just like everyone else”.

(This poem was found in a heart-shaped scrapbook with all the letters and poems from an up-and-coming young actress, complete with glossy magazine articles documenting her career).

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