Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Vault

I will not reveal the contents,
and there is no answer to the
question of how long it
has been there –
just that I know it exists,
beneath the green
strips of splayed fern
fingers, shielding damp
sealed boxes bursting to
spring, held down by
flesh toned tape.

It is pointless to
talk about money –
the objects are worth
nothing to those
who don’t know me,
who would see only
polystyrene and nylon
bundled between
prefab concrete walls,
relics of a useless

My secrecy has no
rationality, but
I just can’t shake the
feeling that the
fluorescent strip inside
is blinking out, or
that somebody will die
upon their chance entrance,
or I will –
then leave the door
open behind them.
Let everything and
everyone in. 


  1. can see that not even the festive orgies stop you...

    1. Yes, it's a weird time to update the blog really, as hardly anyone is likely to be reading! But still, I thought I could let this one slip out.

      I hope you had a good Christmas, and happy new year.