Monday, 1 June 2020

A Year In Morse

I hope you're all keeping well. If you've also been staying productive and writing a lot of new poetry, then I doff my cap to you - or I would, if I had a cap to begin with, but the best I can do instead is ruffle my overgrown lockdown hair in general approval. Will that do?

I'm very happy for you if you're managing to write like a demon during this period, but honestly, I'm not finding it especially conducive to creative activities. I've always been someone who needs to be able to observe other people to write. The material I produce is overwhelmingly frequently about human interactions, and without any of those in my life, apart from the continual growl and bark of social media, it's very difficult to find inspiration at the moment.

Nonetheless, a huge part of me misses poetry open mics and events and just delivering my poems to a live audience, and I thought it might be good to upload some home recordings of some of my stuff here a bit more often.

"A Year In Morse" was written quite a long time ago now, and while it was definitely partly inspired by a particular situation I was in, the usual load of symbolism comes barreling in to render it more fictional than confessional in the end - not that there's much to "confess" here, in all honesty. At the time I wrote it, I was reflecting on a period of my life which was as dull and directionless as it was stressful, so it's perhaps it's not surprising it's the first poem I reached to record for the blog.

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